Great leaders often follow paths that have some elements in common – as I previously elaborated upon in my last blogpost. The difference between them, however, lies in the way they interact with their teams and partners. A ‘Collaboration Scorecard’ that we’d developed a few years back, helps to identify different styles of leadership based on this particular aspect. The scorecard listed four chief types of collaborators. In this four-part series, I will be detailing the key characteristics of each type – starting with the first, the Prime Mover.

Your greatest resource is you

As a Prime Mover, you rely most on your own knowledge, your alliances and your wealth of experience. You are not deterred by lack of skilled talent because you’re happy to guide your team members with your prowess.

You dive into details yourself

You make sure you exercise a greater extent of control on the way your resources are utilised. You pride yourself in holding information on every minor detail of your venture.

Every goal is a battle that must be won

While you have your eye on a long-term vision, you believe that every small goal on the way to success must be achieved. Failure is not an option. 

Your focus is always on driving strategy

Prime movers enjoy leading from the front – single-handedly planning the future. The strategy is designed such that the others in the team can effortlessly execute your ideas.

You don’t like surprises

While growing a business has its share of risks, you ensure those risks are minimised by relying on your own personal connections and advantages. You have fail-safe systems ready to absorb any uncertainties in the market.

Nike founder, Phil Knight is perhaps the best example of a Prime Mover. He constantly educated himself on every aspect of his business – from manufacturing to marketing it – so as not to have to depend on outside entities for information. Further, he personally monitored relationships with partners and shareholders alike.